Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson and his wife, pop star Ciara, reportedly moved their wedding out of North Carolina when the couple became aware of the anti-LGBT law that first targeted gay, bi and trans people, but then was left trained squarely on transgender people. In case you don’t know, HB2 in North Carolina forces, for example, trans women to use men’s restrooms. Insane, I know. It’s already cost the state the NBA’s 2017 All-Star Game, in addition to concerts and other events.

Some are doubting the account by their wedding planner making the couple look oh-so LGBT-inclusive. For example, they got engaged very shortly before HB2 was signed and the entire issue exploded in North Carolina. Did they really have an entire wedding planned, space and equipment rented, a week after becoming engaged? It does sound a bit odd, but it's more possible they weren't aware of the controversy until April or May, when they could have made a more dramatic move.

Others are curious given Wilson's very public obsession with Christianity. Wilson often tweets his "Bible Verse of the Day" #BVD and praises God, the Lord and every other incarnation of Christianity's all-mighty. Christian churches have a pretty dark history regarding LGBT rights, and most of the problems LGBT people face today are a direct result of Christian doctrine.

Yet Wilson's public brand of Christianity is about as far from the Westboro Baptist Church as you can get. His is not one of blame and finger-pointing. The messages from the Bible he shares are usually those of inclusion, love and self-reflection. Some examples:

If you don't believe any of this, his wife is pop star Ciara and the last thing she needs is the gays pissed off at her.

Of course, Wilson also preaches that only people who think the way he thinks will succeed in life… or the afterlife… or some other undisclosed point in time…

But I'll give him the benefit of the doubt here.