When openly gay professional soccer player Robbie Rogers said last week that he was the target of on-field gay slurs directed at him by another player, people were outraged. In his three years since coming out publicly, it was the first slurs he had heard directed at him. When it was revealed the person using the slurs was Richard Chaplow, the United Soccer League suspended him two games. Except, Chaplow claims he never used slurs because he has LGBT family members; And his team is saying Rogers simply “misheard” Chaplow. What gives?

Plus, America's most popular sport is back. Football season kicks off with college football games, and the NFL season is around the corner. Where are we now with acceptance of gay men in football? Is the sport inherently homophobic, inherently pro-gay or somewhere in between? We talk about several developments over the last couple of months that give us insight into the sport.