Openly gay skier Gus Kenworthy brought his family onto Family Feud recently to raise money for Miley Cyrus' Happy Hippie organization, which rallies youth to fight for the rights and treatment of homeless and LGBT youth.

Harvey, of course, has a history of saying things that are either thinly veiled prejudice or straight-up, brash, in-your-face mean-spirited. His disdain for Caitlyn Jenner and her transition a little over a year ago is palpable in a red-carpet interview he did just after Jenner's brave public acknowledgement of her transition.

So it was great to see Kenworthy, publicly and wearing a Nike #BeTrue shirt, coming nose-to-nose with Harvey and not shying away from being gay with him.

Harvey's response to Kenworthy talking about LGBT youth being kicked out of their homes was on the one hand nice to hear, but on the other hand also pretty interesting:

"I guess I don't get that part. If it's my kid, it's my kid. I wouldn't stop loving my kid."

Harvey doesn't say anything about supporting other people's kids, or sharing messages of love and support and to stop sending messages that demean LGBT people, he only talks about support his kid. But I guess it's a bit of role-modeling for parents in the audience, and it ultimately even his reaction helps.

You know the Family Feud writers had a field day thinking through this question, hoping and praying it landed on Gus. It did, and everyone got a good-hearted laugh out of it:

Thanks, Gus, for the chuckle and the heart-felt message.

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