Since the Olympic Games began in Athens in 1896, hundreds of thousands of athletes have competed under their nation's flag chasing Olympic glory. Now, thanks to LGBT and Olympics historian Tony Scupham-Bilton, we know that at least 257 of them have been LGBTI. Of course, know that number is much higher, but Scupham-Bilton has been able to confirm 257 of them, dating back to German runner Otto Peltzer and German sculptor Renée Sintenis in 1928 (yes, sculpting was a medaled event back then).

Scupham-Bilton has done a great job identifying all of these athletes, corroborating their sexual orientation or gender identity and providing information about their country, sport, years competed and Olympic medals won. He also has some fun facts he's pointed out on his list: The youngest LGBTI athlete to compete was Czech figure skater Ondrej Nepela, who in 1964 was 13 years old; The LGBTI athlete with the most Olympic medals is Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe, with nine.

Check out Scupham-Bilton's full list of LGBTI Olympians and Paralympians, of which he counts 11 (and we imagine that list will grow this month as well).