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Hot male gymnasts of the Rio Olympics

Feast your eyes on the men of the mat.

Sam Mikulak
Sam Mikulak

This is an entire post about eye candy, so if you are offended by photos of hot, muscular men, click elsewhere.

The men's gymnastics competition is going on in Rio and it's safe to say that these guys are in amazing shape. Not that anyone is complaining. I find athletes in all sports and all shapes and sizes to be hot, but there is something collectively about gymnasts that has a wow factor.

There is one openly gay male gymnast, Jeffrey Wammes of the Netherlands.

Update: Added two photo of Danell Leyva, an American gymnast who won two silver medals and who also is very gay-supportive, wearing a "Make America Gay Again" T-shirt in June.

All photos by Getty Images:

Sam Mikulak of the U.S. is so built, he gets three photos:

Sam Mikulak

Sam Mikulak2

Sam Mikulak3
Danell Leyva won two silvers in Rio
Danell Leyva
Leyva (right) with teammates in April (Aaron Ontiveroz/The Denver Post via Getty Images)
Team Brazil, from left: Diego Hypolito, Francisco Barretto Junior, Arthur Mariano, Sergio Sasaki and Arthur Zanetti

Team Britain, from left, Kristian Thomas, Max Whitlock, Brinn Bevan, Nile Wilson and Louis Smith:


Double gold winner Max Whitlock:
max whitlock

Brinn Bevan, Britain:
Brinn Bevan, Britain

Francisco Barretto Jr., Brazil:

Kohei Uchimura, Japan:
Kohei Uchimura

Jeffrey Wammes, Netherlands;
Jeffrey Wammes
Kieran Behan, Ireland:

Alex Naddour, USA:
Alexander Naddour
Chris Brooks, USA:         
Chris Brooks

Sergio Sasaki, Brazil:
Sergio Sasaki

Koji Yamamuro, Japan:
Koji Yamamuro

Arthur Mariano, Brazil:
Arthur Mariano

Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine
Oleg Verniaiev

Fabian Hambuechen, Germany
Fabian Hambuechen