Students at various Big 12 schools are not happy about the possible inclusion of BYU and its anti-gay policies in their conference, and some of them are doing something about it.

Last week the student senate at Iowa State passed a resolution that specifically opposed the addition of BYU to their conference:

"Iowa State University Student Government believes that BYU's discriminatory policies and practices are inconsistent with the values of the Big 12 Conference," the resolution read, in part.

The resolution overwhelmingly passed the student senate, 21-6.

The student president at the school disagreed with the resolution, saying no one's religious beliefs should be rejected by Iowa State.

"The Big 12 stands for the acceptance of everyone, no matter their beliefs. I do not think we would be any better than BYU if the Big 12 schools chose to reject them because of their beliefs," Student Government president Cole Staudt said. Apparently he'd also be fine with a school that advocated for the forced servitude of women or banned black people, as long as it was their "belief."

Now the student government at the Univ. of Texas is considering a similar resolution, according to The Daily Texan. That resolution is being co-authored by student government president Kevin Helgren, who called BYU's anti-gay policies "pretty outlandish."