Professional bowler Anthony Pepe, who came out publicly as gay last year, posted some thoughts on Facebook this week about being gay. It was in response to what he calls his “beautiful haters.”

Being gay is a fundamental part of my being. The core of who I've always been. I've repressed for a long period of time trying to impersonate who I am so I can "fit" in. Sometimes being trapped in your own skin isn't easy, there are nights I become mentally unstable trying to branch out wasted thoughts of why this has happened to me still. A cruel word may wreck a life, but you shouldn't hate what you don't understand. When it's all said and done, it wasn't a choice, I just got damn lucky.

It’s amazing how much happier with their selves LGBT people generally seem to get when they come out of the closet. It may not cure all, but it certainly seems to bring some semblance of happiness. It’s great to see Pepe share the same sentiment. Not a day goes by I don’t feel incredibly lucky to be gay myself.