Michael Irvin is very excited about the Dallas Cowboys‘ future. While some may be wondering about “America’s Team” with Tony Romo sitting on the sideline, Irvin is so happy to see young players like Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott on the field that he wants to slip Cowboys’ CEO and director of player personnel some tongue.

He said on NFL Network's Kickoff pre-game show on Thursday:

"I grabbed Stephen Jones, and I said to him, I kissed him, I wanted to give him some tongue, just kiss him. And I said, thank you… I almost gave him some tongue I was so happy – I said to him, I said, 'thank you, we got the future for the Dallas Cowboys right now…"

That's Irvin being Irvin! Always having fun, never afraid of not being the uber-straight dude, completely secure in his own heterosexuality

The comment drew some chuckles and "uh-oh" reaction from co-hosts Rich Eisen and Steve Mariucci.

Irvin has been a model friend of the LGBT community over the years, once posing on the cover of Out magazine for an interview I did with him about his gay brother, same-sex marriage and gay athletes in the locker room. Steve Mariucci and Rich Eisen have also been outspoken with messages of inclusion, even donning purple on-air for Spirit Day. So in case you're ready to scream "homophobia" here, move on. These guys are just having fun.

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