Twitter user Brianna made the day of a lot of women, and some men, when she posted a photo yesterday of the Penn State football team shirtless from one of their workouts prior to the Rose Bowl.

Onward Penn State’s Sara Civina noted that “the Tweet promptly blew up and it seemed like every one of the [now more than 300] responses was more aggressive than the last. The football team eventually caught wind.” Someone even post information on how to apply to Penn State.

The comments below the Twitter post — which has more than 8,000 retweets — are very funny, with people asking for the IDs of various players in the photo. In two cases, women said a certain player was their boyfriend, but one player denied it. Everyone is having good fun with it.

Penn State may have lost the Rose Bowl, 52-49, to USC but their players have certainly found some new fans.

To see the largest view, click on the “Penn State football players” caption below.

Penn State football players

Hat tip to Voight.

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