“My account was hacked” seems to be the standard excuse for every celebrity that goes off the rails on Twitter.

For Jimmer Fredette, the hack was real.

The NBA player who’s shooting hoops in China this season all at once seemed to come out as gay, profess his love for his boyfriend and quit basketball in a short series of tweets on Sunday. Instead, it was the quick work of a hacker who tried to assure Fredette’s 160k followers knew he had not been hacked.

The hacker even created the #GoodbyeJimmer hashtag, which NBA fans and teams seem to have been using for some time. Fredette made his way through four NBA team rosters in his five seasons in the league.

When Fredette finally took back control of his tweeting, he addressed the rumors.

But what about the gay thing? Hmmmmm. I guess the good old Mormon boy from BYU didn’t want to touch that one. It is just “same-sex attraction,” after all. Fredette set a slew of school and conference records in 2011, en route to national player of the year honors.

Since then he’s done great in the NBA… D League.

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