Speculation about Kordell Stewart being gay has somehow again been stirred up, this time thanks to a naked video of Stewart circulating around the Internet. Stewart has said the video is of him and was made for a woman he is seeing. He also claims the video was acquired by his ex-wife, reality TV participant Porsha Williams, who distributed the video publicly.

It’s certainly disappointing that someone would release this video publicly without Stewart’s consent.

Stewart isn’t having the gay speculation. In his own way he denied the rumors while at the same time offering respect for the LGBT community.

Stewart told TMZ:

"That’s bullshit. I don't mess with no dudes. I'll say it again. Society has changed from back in the day when you talk about men being with other men as it won't be accepted these days, but out of respect to people and their lives that they live because it's not about me attacking anyone else. It's about who I am. And as a man all I have is my word. When I say what I say I mean it from a standpoint, especially when it comes to how I live my life, and that's not how I live my life."

Rumblings have come from Stewart’s camp that he may be considering legal action against his ex-wife, who he believes continues to fuel the gay talk. There has been chatter about it since he was the quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Regardless, it’s been 20 years of Stewart relatively respectfully saying “no.” In those 20 years I’ve heard all the speculation but never one shred of evidence. There was allegedly a mysterious arrest in 1998, but the city of Pittsburgh says there is no record of it.

Hopefully Stewart doesn’t have to answer this question anymore.

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