Canadian curler John Epping has decided to talk about being openly gay and totally accepted in his sport in a new feature story in the Globe and Mail.

"I would say I was very, very lucky and spoiled," Epping told the Globe and Mail about his positive coming-out process. "I hope it would be that way for everybody but I know it's not. I know we still have a long way to come in sports in general."

It’s certainly true, not everyone has a completely positive and accepting coming-out story. Yet examples of rejection are becoming more and more rare in sports as full acceptance has become the norm.

Epping is engaged to marry his partner in June of this year.

Thank you, John Epping, for lending your voice to the fast-growing list of out LGBT athletes and coaches who have been totally accepted by their teammates, coaches and peers!

You can find John Epping on Twitter @EppingJohn. And be sure to read the full story the Globe and Mail has about his coming-out and being-out in sports.