Conor McGregor was caught on video consoling a fellow fighter by calling another fighter a “faggot” multiple times last night in Gdansk, Poland.

An anonymous reader provided this transcript of the offending part of his comments:

"… punch, punch was gonna sleep him. Do you know what I'm saying? He was a faggot, and everyone knew he was a faggot…"

Outsports has seen the video and can confirm the repeated use of the word by McGregor.

This comes as a surprise to absolutely no one. McGregor has had no problem dropping racially charged comments in the past, and many MMA fighters and boxers not-so-secretly have disdain for gay people and their “sensitivity” about gay slurs.

FanSided writer Mikael Shamsie wants you to move on since McGregor probably didn’t “mean it”

“With that being the case, and keeping in mind that his language was inappropriate regardless, this regrettable incident seems to be a case of a slip-up in the heat of the moment rather than any maliciousness intent on McGregor’s part.”

Actually, McGregor did mean it. You don’t use that word over and over again without meaning something. McGregor thinks gay men are less-than, unworthy and weak.

Why are people so often quick to excuse what we say “in the heat of the moment”? Those moments often reveal who we are, not cloud them.

To be clear, McGregor has publicly stated his support for marriage equality. “We all deserve equal rights,” he has said. Yet you can support equal rights under the law and still believe an entire class of people are less-than you.

You can