Former NBA player Jason Collins revealed his Halloween costume early this week at openly gay actor Colton Haynes’ Halloween party in Los Angeles Tuesday night. Collins adorned a red robe and white habit that straight out of the distopian book-turned-TV-hit “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

The book was written in 1986 but was uber-popularized by the 2017 Hulu series by the same name. The story is set in a world where women are subjugated based on their fertility. The TV show has won a boatload of awards, including the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, turning the TV business upside down (remember, it’s a streaming Hulu series).

“Gurl I'm reporting for duty,” Collins quipped on Twitter, “but this #HandmaidsTale has a big surprise at the end.”

Sure, sure, brag about it.

Collins told Outsports he only recently watched the TV show and was hooked.

“I binge watched the show on my flight back to the United States from Hong Kong a couple weeks ago,” Collins said. “I thought that it would be an excellent Halloween costume if I could find it in the right size. Luckily I found it on a Web site that could ship it to me. The vendor was actually located in Guangzhou, China.”

As for Haynes’ Marge Simpson costume, we’ll let you decide how “sexy” it was.