The England cricket team has suspended one of its stars, Ben Stokes, indefinitely after he was caught on video engaging in a 2am fight outside a pub, taking swings at another man.

Yet there may be more here than meets the eye.

Reports have surfaced that Stokes claimed he came upon two men, “one armed with a bottle, hurling abuse at two gay men and rushed to help them,” according to the Mirror.

Piers Morgan has jumped to Stokes’ defense, reiterating the claim and offering what seems to be more inside information.

“Stokes has told friends he was incensed by the homophobic taunts, then saw the bottle being raised & decided to defend himself,” Morgan tweeted. “Stokes obviously regrets what happened but apparently his view is: 'They started it, I finished it. I was protecting those guys.'“

Police are allegedly now looking to identify the two gay men to corroborate the story.

Either way it’s an interesting development. He was either protecting two gay guys, or he is using this story to protect himself. If it’s the former, England Cricket would do well to reinstate him and teammate Alex Hales posthaste.