Cam Newton had no problem degrading and demeaning women in and around the NFL on Wednesday when he chuckled at a thoughtful question by a female sports reporter.

“It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes,” he said smirking.

You have to assume that Newton would have no interest in working with a female coach, like San Francisco 49ers receivers coach Katie Sowers, who is also the league’s first publicly out LGBT coach. Not only did Newton’s sexist comment demean women, but he specifically took aim at Sowers’ job: working with receivers on their routes.

The NFL is taking no action, despite Newton being a face of the league. The Carolina Panthers are taking no action, despite their quarterback being THE face of the team.

Last year the team suspended Newton for a series because he didn’t wear a tie to a game.

Newton’s comments were bad enough, but Ron Rivera’s total dismissal of the incident and the Panthers’ refusal to take any action tell you exactly what the coach and the team think about women and social-justice issues: TIES > WOMEN.