Andrew Bauhs loves college football. So much so that’s he’s more than halfway to seeing a game in all 130 FBS stadiums. His husband, Olin, travels with him most weekends.

Bauhs’ dedication to the sport — he’s visited 68 of the 130 FBS stadiums and 10 so far this season — is why he thinks he should win Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Fan in College Football. The beermaker is having a season-long contest with the winner getting a statue unveiled at the College Football Hall of Fame.

In his submission letter, Bauhs does not shy away from being gay and included a link to the story he wrote for Outsports this summer.

My name is Andrew Bauhs, and I believe that I am the most interesting fan in college football. My goal is to experience a gameday at every FBS (Division 1-A) college football stadium across the country. It’s a massive undertaking, but I couldn’t think of a better way to spend an autumn afternoon than stadium hopping.

I am already over halfway to my goal, and I document my journey through articles, photos, and videos on I have been running this website as a hobby since 2006, and my husband joins me to help as dutiful videographer.

During the week, I am an elementary school teacher, and I share my love of college football with my students. My fifth graders and I chat about the games they watched and attended, and they ask me about my stadium adventures. It’s a special way to connect with them.

College football pumps my blood. The unique culture, colorful traditions, historic rivalries, clever mascots, spirited bands, and devoted fans make college football a sport that cannot compare to any other. I leave no autumn Saturday unturned and venture to these campuses. As I walk the historic and hallowed grounds where legends have tread, I listen and watch to grasp the surrounding enthusiasm.

Transferring these experiences into images and words is my passion. My website, CollegeFootballTour.Com is the canvas for my journey. Every stadium has a story, and I intend on interviewing each one of them.

I don’t always travel the country, but when I do, it’s for college football.

Stay fanatical, my friends.

Bauhs, a Wisconsin grad, is stoked by his Badgers’ unbeaten record this season.

Bauhs said it was a challenge for him in deciding how much to talk about being gay, telling me “it’s hard to mix fabulous with the macho marketing they present.” But based on the submissions the company has posted, Bauhs certainly has the most unique story of the ones I’ve seen and his being gay certainly make him interesting, which is the beer’s main pitch.

If he wins, Bauhs has some thoughts on his statue. “That would be one fierce monument.”