Openly gay track athletes Craig Burns and Luke Sullivan will be among the first Australian same-sex couples to be married when such unions become legal at one minute past midnight on Jan. 9.

Burns, the Commonwealth Games batonbearer, and fiance Luke Sullivan will be one of the first couples to wed under the new same-sex marriage laws, under fireworks, the minute the new Marriage Act takes effect.

"Yes, the fireworks are for us; yes our friends and family being there is for us, but what's really special about it is it's a celebration for everyone in Australia who has supported same-sex marriage and all the same-sex couples who can now get married," Burns said.

"It'll be a special moment to know that we're a part of that and it's an awesome step forward for Australia."

Earlier this year, Burns proposed to Sullivan in a unique way — both in swimsuits on rocks in a gorgeous secluded spot on Byron Bay along Australia’s Gold Coast. The proposal was captured by Burns’ drone:

“We had a weekend away, coming up to Byron Bay, we went to a secluded spot on the beach and I set my drone up on the rocks down there and got the ring out and popped the question," Burns said.

Asked how the moment felt, the sprinter laughed.

"It was stressful, because the drone didn't do what I wanted it to do. Apart from that… in that moment, you think 'wow I'm actually doing this' so it was very surreal and lovely how moved Luke was. He wasn't expecting it, he was very surprised so that was great."

On Burns’ Instagram page, he posted a pre-wedding photo:

I get to marry this guy in 3 weeks 😍 #love #wedding

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Burns has been an elite-level sprinter for 12 years, representing Australia at international meets. He will be competing at the 2018 Commonwealth Games being held in Queensland. Sullivan is just starting his track career and he talked about how the two athletes have meshed.

“Craig and I rubbed off on each other just the right amount. I've really discovered who I am and what I want in life through his unwavering support and love, and he's loosened up a bit — he only schedules by the hour now. We've grown so comfortably and contently together. I couldn't imagine a life without him in it, and I don't ever want to."

Congratulations to both men for finding each other, being out athletes and celebrating their upcoming wedding in a public way that will positively impact others.

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