Each week we’ll be taking a look at the NFL teams involved in the Sunday Night Football game and track their record — team, coaches and players — on LGBT issues.

This week, the 10-1 Philadelphia Eagles travel to Seattle to play the 7-4 Seahawks. Here are the LGBT angles for the game this week.

In June 2013, the Seahawks posted an image on their Facebook page changing the team’s logo for LGBT pride month, using rainbow colors and the hashtag #pride. Of course, no good deed goes unpunished and this one-time post brought out bigots.

Being progressive Seattle, many of the comments supported the post and saw it as an embrace of all the team’s fans. But many other were very critical, showing their homophobia in subtle and not-so-subtle ways.

  • Keep where you like to put your dick OUT OF FOOTBALL
  • Anyone supporting making two men having anal sex as socially acceptable is on the wrong path. it is not and should not be pushed as such.
  • Professional sports should never mix with politics. The whole point is that every fan, no matter their beliefs, should be able to feel equally included and valued as a fan. Shame on whoever posted this picture for supporting some fans by alienating others. I just want to watch some football.
  • I think all the fans of Seattle will agree that this is a waste of time by posting that picture. Please take it down unless its bout the true meaning we see in the sky. Otherwise Please take it down & lets play some football!!!!
  • This should be about football. Not gay rights. I don't care about your political views. Don't force your views on me. Very disappointed Seattle.
  • Seahawks please respect the views of ALL fans and lose the gay pride flag!!!! Quit forcing your views on others and be "tolerant" of my values and beliefs. This is not a political blog, its a sports page so please keep your bedroom views out of it!! I don't want to even hear about any hetero or bestiality or any other views having to do with private matters. Have some respect Seahawks!!!!
  • I am a Seahawk fan and support marriage as one man and one woman, and don't want traditional marriage "haters" to attempt to represent me. If your can't admit you are inappropriately political and hateful at least don't be divisive. Get rid of the rainbow.
  • GAY is not ok
  • This is an insult to mine and the majority of football fans sensibilities. I am a season ticket holder and I really thought the Seahawks where about football not queers or politics.
  • Stop ramming this down our throats.who really cares.oooooo equality.don't you think there are bigger issues in America like the economy, jobs, diseases, etc….I come on the hawks page because it is an escape from all this garbage and lo and behold here it is…..get rid of this garbage our colors are NAVY and GREEN ….bleu

It took a teenager to set these people straight:

“It’s sad for me as a teenager to read this comments, do you adults that are making such a huge deal about this are worst then my high school friends complaining. We young adults look up to you and today all we see is you preaching a message that you shouldn't like someone because they are not like you. I think when you guys post you should remember who sees this because we are still impressionable and it breaks my heart to see this.”

The rainbow logo was so divisive that it affected the Seahawks on the field and drove away their fans. Just kidding! Seven months after the logo was the color of a rainbow, the Seahawks won their first Super Bowl.

Outsports prediction for the game: Seattle 23, Eagles 21. I’ve only gotten one of these picks right so far, but feel the Seahawks will be playing as a desperate team and get a win at home. The Eagles have only played two teams with winning records (1-1) and are stepping up in class this week. In the past month, the Eagles beat mediocre QBs C.J. Beathard, Brock Osweiler and Mitch Trubisky and a Cowboys team missing its best running back and offensive lineman. They’ll find it a lot harder to stop Russell Wilson.