It’s official: The naked bodies of Warwick Rowers are gay propaganda!

Russian customs agents have returned all shipments of the Warwick Rowers 2018 calendar that were being sent to fans in Russia, according to the rowers. They claim Russian officials told them the calendars could be considered homosexual propaganda aimed at children. That’s an absurd no-no in Vladimir Putin’s crazy-world.

To be sure, pictures of these rowers are likely to turn any guy just a little gay. But to call the calendars of naked straight athletes “gay propaganda,” and claim that it’s designed to turn Russian youth gay, is laughable everywhere outside of Moscow.

What’s more, the Warwick Rowers claim that Russian hackers targeted their Web site last week and successfully shut it down for a time. Yes you read that right: A bunch of teenage and early-20s (mostly straight) guys have been targeted by Russian hackers for gay propaganda.

Welcome to 2017.

The Warwick Rowers call their calendar project a “social enterprise and gay/straight alliance.” It features naked members of the team with strategically placed hands, oars and other paraphernalia.

The neatest thing about this calendar to me is how these (mostly straight) guys are so enthusiastic about showing their bodies and having gay men praise them. For generations straight men have talked about discomfort with having gay men look at them and lust for them. That these guys have no issue with it — and in fact embrace it — is a sign of the shifting times.

If you’d like to order the Warwick Rowers calendar or videos, visit their Web site. Just don’t try to send any calendars to Russia.

Proceeds from the calendar go to fund Sport Allies, an organization created by Warwick Rowers to demonstrate support for LGBT