When Zach Sanford of the NHL’s Washington Capitals scored his first goal this past weekend, the team tweeted out a photo of him with the puck. Thus started a does-he or doesn’t-he debate on whether Sanford has a nipple ring.

This led the Capitals fan site Russian Machine Never Breaks to zoom in on the photo to try and determine if Sanford has a nipple ring. Their conclusion? Looks like, sort of, maybe.

Being a gay website, Outsports got an inquiry from a reader, assuming gay guys could weigh in with definitive proof. My reaction, as one who has never worn a nipple ring but knows people who do: Looks like, sort of, maybe.

I consulted two gay hockey players, each of whom has been playing since there were toddlers, and got a split verdict.

Player 1: “I've played for 18 years and have never seen a hockey player with nipple rings (not saying there aren't). Your nipples are protected under the shoulder pads but would most likely catch on something.

“That photo seems to be pulling from when the Velcro from the pads pulls the material. I have that on all my Under Armour, too”

Player 2: “Haha, this is hilarious and silly all at the same time. I'd say that's definitely a nipple ring. I've seen some guys with them over the years. Not many but a few.”

The gays have spoken — Zach Sanford may or may not have a nipple ring. This is certainly a more fun debate than what normally goes on in Washington.