The media — mostly the straight media — is at it again, trying to shame Tom Daley for an alleged sexual affair he had with a model while he and his fiance, Dustin Lance Black, were physically apart for a number of months.

They did this before, uncovering some “sexts” that Daley had sent to a fan and essentially forcing Daley to talk about them publicly.

The “scandal,” according to the straight media, is that Daley dared have sex with someone else after he started dating Black. Of course, in the straight world that means “DISASTER END THE RELATIONSHIP NOW!!!!!”

What so many of these writers and publications don’t understand is that to so many same-sex couples, it may be a bump in the road or just part of the plan. While the love and commitment is necessary to a successful relationship regardless of the genders of the people involved, the sexual agreement can look like lots of different things.

Thankfully some LGBT publications have been also pointing out the dog-bites-man story this is.

“Everyone has sex, including celebrities,” PinkNews’ Meka Beresford wrote. “Get over it guys.”

As more and more prominent same-sex couples get caught with their pants down, this little “secret” in the LGBT world will get talked about more and more. As same-sex divorce rates remain below those of opposite-sex couples, the latter may start wondering if it’s part of the secret to marital success.