The New Jersey Devils, like so many other NHL teams this month, are embracing the rainbow for their Pride Night, Feb. 27. It is the first Pride Night ever held by the Devils.

The team was kind enough to surprise us with a Devils official hockey stick wrapped in Pride Tape, which was created to help hockey players show support for the LGBT community. The team has also created T-shirts with the team logo in rainbow colors, something that has become more and more popular with teams over the last couple of years.

One neat part of the event is that the Devils have had an executive, Joe Altenau, came out publicly as gay earlier this season.

The Devils certainly seem to be making a statement: LGBT people are welcome as fans, employees and players.

The New Jersey Devils’ Pride Night will take place at the Prudential Center on Feb. 27 as the team plays against the Montreal Canadiens. The Canadiens are currently atop the Atlantic Division, while the Devils are just a few wins out of a playoff spot.

The team is hosting a community event at the Prudential Center before the game featuring Sharronda Wheeler, the president of Newark Gay Pride, and David Farber, a former college hockey player and You Can Play representative.

You can buy tickets here.

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