Mack Beggs should be competing against other boys. He is a boy, he is taking testosterone therapy, and he should be wrestling boys.

Unfortunately, Texas state policy forces him to compete as the sex on his birth certificate, which says “female.”

So Beggs had a choice going into the season: Follow state policy and wrestle against girls… or don’t wrestle at all.

He made the right choice.

The goal of participating in professional sports leagues is to win. Teams are designed to win, they hire coaches to win, they recruit athletes to win.

At the high school level, the purpose of participating in sports is to participate. Reach personal goals. Push yourself. Learn.

A young athlete cannot do those things sitting on the sideline. He can’t engage from the stands.

The purpose of high school athletics is to participate and compete. Our focus should be on that first and foremost, and then making sure Beggs and other trans athletes compete in the category of their gender.