Barstool Sports and some New England Patriots fans think homophobia is good for laughs. Its displaying on its Facebook page and website a homemade sign from the New England Patriots victory parade showing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sucking a penis.

An Outsports reader alerted us to this, writing: “I thought you should see that Barstool Sports is giving a voice to homophobia on what's otherwise supposed to be a joyful day.”

“Pats fan here,” the reader added. “There's no way to interpret this sign as anything other than gay sex being insult-worthy. Even though it wasn't directed at me, as a gay man I felt a target on my back.

“This sign makes me and every gay Patriots fan feel that we don't belong among the ranks of Patriots fans. And no one, especially some dummy with a cardboard cutout of a penis, has the right to exclude me from that community.”

The post has already gathered 193,000 views, 6.4K likes and 2,500 shares from people who think the commissioner fellating a man is funny and shows what a fag/pussy/queer/bitch (insert your own word) Goodell is for the crime of suspending the Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady for “Deflategate.” This is a person who is less than and to be made fun of, and what better way than by suggesting he’s gay. (Goodell, by the way, has an openly gay brother).

Someone in Boston thought that was a perfectly respectful sign to bring to a public parade of people of all ages and sexual orientations. And Barstool Sports thought it such insightful commentary that they made it their lead photo on their website and Facebook page, with this note: “Boston is going IN on Roger Goodell today.” Haha! Make fun of gay people is always good for a laugh.