For years we have asked straight athletes whether or not they would accept a gay teammate. And for years, the majority of athletes in professional sports have said "yes." Some people have said that's just them not wanting to get into trouble; Others believe it reflects the changing landscape of sports and broader American culture.

Recently someone asked a number of Texas football recruits the same question, and the answers were about 50/50. Most of them, we can probably guess, have not had an openly gay teammate before (simply because we know of so few who are publicly out, though of course many others are out to their friends and teammates).

Is this even a pertinent question today? Can we rely on honest answers from athletes? We discuss.

Also, the anti-gay chant "puto" again showed up in a soccer match, this time marring the very first Major League Soccer match for the Atlanta United. The club has responded that anyone doing so in future matches will be removed. Is that enough to curb the behavior? Or do higher powers need to step in?