A neat story out of Virginia this week features Wilson College volleyball player Chance Wheeler. The college freshman talked with Erik Hall for the Roanoke Times about not just being a gay athlete, but playing college volleyball after not playing the sport for his high school or at the club level.

In fact, Wheeler didn’t play many sports for his high school in Virginia for fear he would be rejected as a young gay man.

“I backed out of it,” Wheeler told the Roanoke Times. “I ended up not going to tryouts. … I didn’t feel like I was going to be fully accepted on the team as a player just because I was gay.”

Wilson College is located about 150 miles west of Philadelphia. Previously Outsports profiled another gay Wilson College athlete, Michael Martin, who plays soccer.

“The whole team accepts me for being gay,” Wheeler told the Roanoke Times. “We are all friends. We all get along. … We are all like a big family.”

You can read the full story on Wheeler at the Roanoke Times.

You can find Chance Wheeler on Facebook, or on Instagram @Wheeler_Chance and on Twitter @ ayeeits_chance.

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