It was a real thrill to sit down with out gay Olympic and professional skier Gus Kenworthy at the X Games in Norway earlier this month. Kenworthy has been a fan favorite since helping to save stray dogs in Sochi, Russia. As a dog lover myself, I love that.

Yet it’s his coming out as a gay man a couple years ago that has captured the hearts and minds of so many in the LGBT community. Even with so few publicly out gay men in professional sports, Kenworthy has been a real beacon of light and inspiration. I know I’m inspired immensely by him and his ability to live his truth.

Sadly Kenworthy finished a disappointing seventh in men’s ski slopestyle after qualifying third for the final at the X Games in Norway. He was eliminated before the final of the men’s ski big air.

Check out our entire interview with Kenworthy in the video above.