It's widely accepted in society that people aren't supposed to "out" gay people against their will. Being "different" is a secret that only the gay, lesbian or bisexual person can decide to share in their own time and in their own way.

Yet there are various examples of people outing transgender people, as though trans people don't deserve the same opportunity to choose for themselves when they share their most intimate and personal secrets about their identity. We saw it with Grantland's infamous article about 'Dr. V's magical putter,' and it was again front-and-center on this week's episode of 'Survivor.' While the latter has little connection to sports, what transpired on the show — with a gay man outing a transgender man — taught a lesson with repercussions far beyond a far-off island with a bunch of contestants.

We talk with sports writer Jamie Neal about the misunderstandings many people have about being transgender, and the idea that trans people must automatically be out or they are, as we have heard far too often, "deceiving" people around them.