The Eighth Annual International Gay Polo Tournament took place earlier this month at the International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington, Fla. The event has been drawing LGBT polo players from around the world.

While LGBT water polo tournaments have been popular for decades, this is polo with horses. The event was started by Chip McKenney, a polo player and enthusiast.

“The thing that is so exciting is that the level of play gets better and better and I think, by far, this was an extraordinary year as far as polo goes for us," McKenney said in a statement. "This is our 8th Annual International Gay Polo Tournament, and each year we bring new players onto the field to play with us and new spectators to cheer the teams on."

The Founder’s Cup at the tournament had the odd distinction of being decided by a coin toss at the end of the game. When the two teams played to a 4-4 tie, they each opted to have the overall outcome of the match decided by said coin toss. Seminole Casino came out on top.

You can see more photos and video on the event’s Storify page.