Chris Mosier, the triathlete and duathlete who has been blazing a trail for trans athletes for the last several years, has earned All-American honors in the Duathlon for his age group.

Mosier was ranked No. 13 in the country in the duathlon in 2016 for men ages 35-39. The top 16 athletes in that age group earned All-American honors. Last year Mosier competed in the ITU Draft-Legal Sprint Duathlon World Championship and the Cary long course Duathlon.

On another note, it’s incredibly powerful that this athlete, this trans athlete, is an All-American. The title says it: All-American. We hold up the ideal of that word as something all Americans strive to be, a person whose hard work, determination and skill led them to represent America. That Mosier is an All-American is of particular importance, especially as trans people are under fire for access to basic public facilities and the ability to participate in sports.

We salute our newest All-American for continuing to shine a light on the presence and power of our fellow trans Americans.

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