Simon Dunn, the openly gay Australian bobsledder and rugby player, always wanted to be a dad and sees the increased visibility and acceptance of LGBT people as making that possible.

Writing for the website Gays With Kids — itself a reflection of a changing society — Dunn says he wanted children since he was 5.

One of my first memories is of telling my mother about my future wife and all of the children I planned to have with her. I would have at least 10 children, I told her, of all races, ages, and ethnicities. I wanted a Brad-and-Angelina-type family before Brangelina was ever even a thing.

Dunn is still coming to terms that it’s now possible for a gay man in the Western world to have kids, but admits that ingrained thought patterns die hard.

Gays With Kids is a relatively new site with a lot of perspectives on being gay and being a dad. Dunn’s essay is worth reading since his conflicted feelings are something I know a lot of gay men are going through.