When Olympian and World Champion Shawn Barber decided to come out publicly, he took to his Facebook page in the early hours of the morning and wrote a brief post saying he's "gay and proud" and thanking his family for support.

Then… silence. No media interviews about his announcement. No statement to the press from his agent. No more social-media messages about, well, anything. It was so eerily silent that we at Outsports felt compelled to verify that he wrote the message before we wrote about it. We did… and he did.

While so many people talk about big announcements and press conferences, this is just yet another way for an athlete to come out publicly, sharing the news of his sexual orientation before he's comfortable sharing his complete story.

As we approach Pride Month, we listed 11 MLB teams that are hosting LGBT Pride events in June and several more that are doing so over the spring and summer. It's great to see these events, but what does it say about teams that aren't hosting events like this?