Two openly gay sports personalities in Boston have started a new podcast that has a lot of promise. Steve Buckley and Alex Reimer have teamed up with the popular radio station WEEI to present Two Outs.

The podcast will feature the guys debating sports, gays, being gay, homosexuality, LGBTQI, Donald Trump, and, if Buckley has any say in it, the eternal debate of whether a professional athlete has to actually play in regular-season game to call himself a professional athlete.

One of the things that sets the podcast apart is the age difference of the two guys. Buckley is… older than me. And Reimer is… younger than me. A generation sets them apart, and that could, if they play it right, bring enough conflict and insight to give this podcast a weekly boost.

As an aside, Buckley is just one of the best in the business. His historical knowledge of Boston sports, and his willingness to tweak, when necessary, the teams and/or the fans of Boston make me excited for this podcast. Reimer has exploded onto the Boston sports-media scene and has shown a ton of promise as well.

I caught up with Buckley (via phone, then via email) with a few questions about his new endeavor…

Cyd Zeigler: I’ve talked with you about a lot of things, but you seem particularly excited about this project. Why?

Steve Buckley: I tend to get over-the-top excited about any new thing, and the idea of two openly-gay sports dudes from different generations is certainly different. I spent the first 15 years in this business working exclusively for newspapers, but then came radio, television, magazine writing and all that. I even wrote and produced a World War II-themed documentary that aired on a Boston TV station. I get fired up by newness. Next up: I want to be in a movie. I want lines. My Boston accent is wicked awesome.

[Editor’s note: His Boston accent is, indeed, ‘wicked awesome. You’ll hear it plenty on the podcast.]

Me: What do you hope to bring to the airwaves that isn’t already there?

Him: What we have in common is that we’re two gay media guys from Boston whose political beliefs are pretty much the same. At first glance, then, that makes for a very boring podcast. But the generational thing is what sets us apart. I’ve been joking that we see the world through different lenses — and that my lenses are a lot thicker. I’m older, and I tend to look at things historically — has it happened before, what does it mean, can it happen again. Alex is more in the moment. Plus, we have good chemistry. I want this to be entertaining as well as informative. I believe it will be.

Me: In the first episode you talk about the different tracks you and Alex have taken or are taking in your careers. Do you ever regret not coming out publicly at his age? Do you think you would have had a career if you did?

Him: I’ll obviously never know what path my career would have taken had I come out in, say, my 20s. And, anyway, I would have been wildly unprepared back then to put all that in motion. I was still figuring out a lot of stuff. But while I don’t have regrets, there’s this: Real change only happens when people defy convention and take risks. Ever the history buff, I’ve read about Harry Hay, the Mattachine Society, the Stonewall riots…. I might have been that sportswriting rebel from the early 80s whose coming-out got us to talking about guys in sports a lot earlier than we did. I was not that rebel.

Their first episode is online now at, so take a listen!

You can follow Buckley on Twitter @BuckInBoston; Reimer is on Twitter @AlexReimer1.