Former college Ultimate player Samuel Johnson opened up to I’m From Driftwood about his experiences at Liberty University and in North Carolina with conversion therapy and the Pentacostal Church in a powerful essay and video. Liberty has an anti-LGBT history dating back to its founding.

Equally powerful is Johnson’s retelling of the exorcism performed on him while he was at UNC-Charlotte (it was not school-related). He described the incident in detail.

“He first started by placing some oil on my head in the form of a cross. So both him and his wife began to pray over me and they asked me to breathe in and breathe out at different times while they were trying to, quote, cast demons out of me, unquote. And so, not only were they speaking in English but they were also praying in tongues.”

Of course, neither the conversion therapy or exorcism worked.

You can read Johnson’s full essay here, and you can find the video here.