Former college softball player Lex Clay opened up about playing in the NCAA for two schools while he was struggling with his gender identity. In a lengthy feature by Katie Barnes, Clay talked about playing in the College Softball World Series for the Univ. of Tennessee in 2007, transferring to Notre Dame, and again finding success there.

All the while, he was trying to find himself in a softball world that seemed to be grappling with sexual orientation as he was wrestling with his gender identity.

"There was this weird period where girls were wearing bows to say if they were straight or gay," Clay told ESPNW. "If you were wearing a bow, you were straight, and if you didn't, you were gay. That was hard too, because it still pigeonholed me as female."

Clay transitioned while at Notre Dame and said he found acceptance on the team.

Now living in New York, Clay said he is considering a return to softball as a coach.

You can read the full story of Clay’s struggle and transition here.