One of the very first athlete coming out stories we ever ran on Outsports was a 2000 profile of Corey Johnson, then an openly gay high school football player in Massachusetts. Johnson is now all grown up and a New York city councilman.

Johnson appeared on Tucker Carson’s show last night on Fox News to discuss a bill he is writing that in effect would force Donald Trump to release his tax returns. It being Carlson’s show, the segment quickly went off the rails when the host told Johnson to clean up the men’s rooms at Penn Station instead of getting involved in national politics.

“This is the first time I’ve heard a discussion of public urination and President Trump’s tax returns,” Johnson told Carlson.

The best part is when Carlson tells Johnson he needs to clean up the men’s room at Penn Station. As journalist Josh Barro notes, the city council has nothing to do with running the facility. “Penn Station is run by Amtrak in partnership with New York and New Jersey state agencies. Everyone’s job BUT the city council,” Barro tweeted.

Much more heat than light was shed in the segment — not a surprise — but Johnson acquitted himself well against Carlson, whose show revolves around him interrupting guests and changing the subject.

In a point of disclosure, Johnson is a personal friend and one of my all-time favorite flag football teammates. We won the Gay Games gold medal together in 2006 — I was the quarterback and he was my center — one of my fondest sports memories.

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