Update: The Toronto Blue Jays have released a statement saying they are “extremely disappointed” in Pillar’s behavior.

Update: Kevin Pillar has apologized for using a gay slur during the game.

Major League Baseball is reportedly investigating the alleged use of a gay slur by Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Pillar during last night’s game against the Atlanta Braves.

It was the top of the seventh inning and Braves pitcher Jason Motte had just struck out Pillar. Video clearly shows Pillar yelling something at Motte, to which Mote responds by moving toward home base. Both benches cleared.

Because of the rush onto the field by players and managers from both teams, Pillar has gotten the full lip-reading treatment, which has led many to believe he called Motte a gay slur.

Pillar admitted he said something that wasn’t good and said he would apologize to Motte.

You can see a couple angles of the video from these tweets:

If Pillar did call Motte a gay slur, Major League Baseball will have no choice but to suspend the player for multiple games. In 2016 the NHL suspended Andrew Shaw for a playoff game for yelling a gay slur; That equals to about three to five MLB games, which should be the expected suspension.