A former Univ. of Iowa athletic department staffer claimed she lost her job because of gender discrimination and homophobia. A jury earlier this month agreed with her and awarded her $1.4 million in damages.

Jane Meyer watched her partner be fired as an Iowa Hawkeyes coach before she was transferred out of the athletic department and fired.

“This is for everyone who has fought for discrimination,” Meyer said, according to LGBTQNation. “It’s much bigger than Jane Meyer.”

While Meyer lost $374,000 in salary, her attorney said the amount could be tripled because the jury decided the actions against her were deliberate.

Certainly the Univ. of Iowa, a state-run school, will appeal the decision.

Still it’s a powerful statement that this lesbian could win a court case despite some witnesses trying to damage her reputation by saying she was difficult to deal with. Of course, some of the jurors may have figured “no one would say that about a man.”

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