Former Australian Football League coach Kevin Sheedy is a big fan of the gays.

Speaking on a panel discussion last week about LGBT inclusion in sports, Sheedy waxed poetic about member of the LGBT community, and in particular a family member of him.

"I have a nephew who's gay,” Sheedy said to the crowd, according to The Age. “He's a beautiful person. The great thing about gay people is they're beautiful human beings who don't do the crap that heterosexuals do. In the end, they're very caring people, and I think that's an important ingredient to have."

It’s another reminder of the power of coming out. Because Sheedy’s nephew came out to his family, Sheedy is now getting up in front of groups of people and talking about how amazing LGBT people are. Would he be doing that if his nephew wasn’t out and proud and gay? Doubtful.

Sheedy was speaking alongside Olympian Nova Peris, who emphasized her relationship with her gay sister.

"She served 10 years in the Australian army and she's in her 14th year of working for the United Nations. When I was in the hockey team which was crowned world champions in 1994, out of that team of 16, there were 10 gay women.”

Again, the power of coming out to open hearts and minds. Nothing — truly nothing — is as powerful.