In a feature by Forbes, financial advisor Warren Cohn opens up about being gay in his Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment division. Cohn talks about his personal struggles as a young man in sports, and now working with professional athletes at the top of his profession as an out gay man.

“Today my sexuality doesn't define me any more than being straight defines most of my clients,” Cohn told Forbes. “I do my best to respect my community , stand up for what's right and help stamp out homophobia, racism, anti-Semitism, gender inequality and any sort of act of intolerance.”

Cohn also talks about the unique relationship most athletes have with their finances. Most of them, unlike entertainers, have only a few years to make money in their craft. It presents a whole other level of complication for someone like Cohn.

It’s a great story for Forbes, combining Cohn’s work of financial planning for athletes with his childhood struggles of being a gay athlete.

He shared with Forbes his hopes that being out and proud can help someone else who may be considering his field or the world of sports.

“Perhaps my own trials, tribulations and successes can inspire younger people to enter my field, as well as inform gay athletes that practices like mine exist for them.”

Personally it’s great to see Cohn take this big step publicly to help others. Back when we were just coming out of our closets, Cohn and I were tight; He was even traveling with me when I met my husband… a few years ago.

You can read the entire profile on Cohn here.

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Cohn with New York Giants 2017 first-round draft pick Evan Engram.