Professional golfer Alena Sharp has publicly acknowledged for the first time that she is gay, as reported by Score Golf.

Writer Jason Logan shares his observations, and those of Sharp, eloquently in the piece For reference, Sharp is talking about her private relationship with caddie Sarah Bowman for the first time:

Although she’s not necessarily hid from the fact she is gay, Sharp has not publicly discussed the subject before, either because of sensitivities when it came to potential sponsorships or because nobody ever asked. I thought it relevant only because I’d calculated a correlation between this new relationship and her improved play and more pleasant demeanour. In the past Sharp could be curt and gruff, never rejecting media requests but unwilling to fully engage. She wasn’t someone you looked forward to interviewing. More recently, she’s been thoughtful and transparent. Sharp didn’t disagree with that assessment, saying she was uncomfortable with such responsibilities in the past but now recognizes the importance of telling her story. As for the effect her current relationship has had on her game, she said simply, “You have to be happy in life. It makes work easier.”

Last season Sharp finished in the top 25 at both the Women’s PGA Championship and the U.S. Women’s Championship. This season she is 37th on the LPGA money list, having already earned almost $140k in purse winnings.

Sharp is Canadian and played collegiate golf at New Mexico State University.

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