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When ESPN announced a series of layoffs last week, there was no shortage of speculation as to why the "Worldwide Leader in Sports" was suddenly short on cash. One theory said that the network had become too politically "liberal," and that ESPN's embrace of gay athletes and LGBT issues was a major reason people were suddenly tuning out the network. Specifically, some critics pointed to the network showing Michael Sam's "Draft kiss" over and over and over again. Do they have a point? We discuss.

A really neat story has come out of Spokane, Wash., this week of a top NHL prospect who has two moms and isn't afraid to show it. Jaret Anderson-Dolan will be selected in this June's NHL Draft; He's currently projected to go in rounds 1-3, and with seven rounds, he will be drafted. He opened up about his two lesbian moms, and also about putting Pride Tape on his hockey stick to support his moms and other LGBT people. His team followed suit. That's leadership.