Update: Republicans and Democrats joined together to support a preliminary vote on this bill, 24-7. A final Senate vote is expected soon.

A group of state lawmakers in Texas are attempting to ban transgender athletes from competing at the high school level.

A new bill would bar athletes who are taking testosterone from competing as their birth gender. Currently an exception to the rules allows athletes to compete while taking testosterone if it is part of a medical treatment.

State law already forces transgender athletes to compete as their birth sex.

The proposal is a direct reaction to Mack Beggs’ participation in scholastic sports. He is a transgender boy who has followed every rule in the book, wrestling in the girls division while taking testosterone treatment for his gender transition. He won a state girls title earlier this year.

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A lawsuit tried to force him out of sports, but a judge said “no chance.”

Now lawmakers in Texas are trying to use their pulpit to bully Beggs and other transgender athletes out of sports.

What they should be doing is allowing Beggs and other transgender athletes to compete as their gender, not their birth sex. USA Wrestling has already said Beggs is welcome to wrestle as a boy in their tournaments.

The proposal has a few hurdles to clear before it becomes law. Hopefully some level heads jump in and protect the right of every athlete to compete.