The World Series trophy won by the Chicago Cubs wore a rainbow flag when it was paraded on on a float in Sunday’s LGBT Pride parade in Chicago. I am certain it’s a first for the trophy.

The flag was draped on the trophy by Laura Ricketts, a co-owner of the Cubs who is openly gay, said Bill Gubrud, a Cubs fan and organizer of the Out at Wrigley, the longest-running gay day at a Major League Baseball stadium.

“It was the most exciting parade I have been to,” Gubrud said. “Just to be able to see a Cubs World Series trophy in my lifetime is amazing, but to see it in the Gay Pride Parade was surreal.”

The Cubs have a tradition of having a float in the parade and have very LGBT-friendly. An employee even let Gubrud try on his World Series ring — though it didn’t have the 108 diamonds like the rings the players got. Prior to 2016, the Cubs last won the World Series 108 years earlier in 1908.

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