The NBA is again demonstrating some support for LGBT Pride Month with a series of rainbow-colored T-shirts for each of the league’s 30 teams. Plus, the WNBA has shirts for all 12 of its teams as well. The leagues previously released the line of shirts last year to much fanfare. A portion of the proceeds will benefit GLSEN. The T-shirt line is created by Fanatics.

The league front offices of the NBA and WNBA will also again be marching in the New York City Pride March on June 25.

Of course, none of this masks the fact that the NBA wasted no time in returning its All-Star Game to North Carolina, where the state has legalized and mandated discrimination against LGBT people. Despite the NBA trying to spin their return to North Carolina as a positive move, every single LGBT organization that has spoken on the issue has opposed it.

Still, it’s a positive move to see the NBA and WNBA continue some form of visible commitment to the community, even if it mostly entails getting us to spend money on their clothes. At least they’re giving some of it to GLSEN.

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