Andraya Yearwood, the freshman sprinter at Cromwell High School in Connecticut, took third place in the state 100-meter dash yesterday. She was the highest-placing underclassman. She also took eighth place in the state 200-meter dash.

Yearwood has opened some eyes because she is transgender and has been quite successful in her freshman season. She and her parents have spoken eloquently about the importance to her (and other trans youth) of competing in sports as her gender.

Because she finished in the top five in Connecticut for the 100-meter dash, Yearwood has qualified for the all-New England meet held this Saturday at Norwell High School in Massachusetts.

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Despite many naysayers taking to Twitter and other social media to say terrible things about Yearwood, she will be taking her cleats to a regional meet this weekend.

Donn Friedman, the executive director of the Council of New England Secondary School Principals’ Association, told Outsports that individual states set gender policy and nothing will stop Yearwood from competing this weekend.

She didn’t win her races at the Connecticut state meet, and she almost definitely won’t win the New England races either, which should quiet some of the people raising not-so-nice questions. Don’t hold your breath.

Thankfully her many supporters will be proud to see her run.