On its signature TV show Impact Wrestling, Global Force Wrestling took the opportunity of broadcasting from Orlando recently to pay tribute to the 49 people lost in the Pulse Nightclub shooting just over a year ago.

The production included rainbow flags, rainbows on the seats, the Pulse Nightclub logo, and survivor Tony Marrero (in photo below). The tribute did not avoid or bury that it was an attack on LGBT people, rather the speaker specifically said “LGBT,” unlike other sports tributes.

“The Pulse Nightclub tragedy affected everyone, especially all of us at GFW/IMPACT Wrestling as Orlando is our second home, having spent so many nights here over the past 15 years,” said Jeff Jarrett, the founder and current Chief Creative Officer for GFW/IMPACT Wrestling. “Tony’s story brings tears, but it also carries hope, courage and strength. We are truly honored that Tony is part of GFW/IMPACT Wrestling’s ‘Remembering Pulse Nightclub, 1 Year Later.’”

Marrero, who got a standing ovation from the crowd, seemed deeply appreciative of the tribute, posting this on Facebook:

“Thank you Impact Wrestling and the entire production for this amazing tribute honoring our Pulse Angels, Survivors, and Victims. Your love and support for our community shows how united this world has become after something so terrible. Thank you again for everything, God bless.”

You can watch the tribute on Facebook by clicking here.

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