Floyd Mayweather called Conor McGregor a “pussy,” “bitch,” “punk,” “faggot” and “ho” as another of their staged news conferences was held in London to promote their upcoming fight.

FloCombat has the video:

The string of slurs is totally disgusting but sadly predictable as these two hype their Aug. 26 fight. Mayweather is an asshole and McGregor is an asshole and these slurs were likely part of their act. It doesn’t excuse it one bit, but no one should be surprised. McGregor contended the other day he is not a racist because he is “half-black, from the waist down.”

What makes Mayweather’s dropping of the f-word and other slurs a bit puzzling is that he is the same man who condemned Manny Pacquiao for his disgusting comments about gay people. And Mayweather also applauded President Obama in 2012 when he supported same-sex marriage.

None of this excuses Mayweather for his homophobic slur, but my guess is that it was as much a stunt to get people riled up enough to pony up $99.95 for the pay-per-view fight as anything else. If we’re lucky, they’ll knock out each other.