Another sign that things are changing in sports has been the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the public coming out as gay of Kansas State offensive lineman Scott Frantz.

The latest was Texas Tech Coach Kliff Kingsbury, who was asked about Frantz at Big 12 football media day in Frisco, Texas.

Q. Last week we found out the news that Scott Frantz, the offensive lineman at K-State, had come out. This has been the second time there's been a player that's come out to his team, went a whole year in that situation, and seemingly gone pretty well. Is there something to be said about just the place that gay athletes may have in college football today?

KLIFF KINGSBURY: I just think there's an open-mindedness in 2017 among our young people.

They've grown up around that, and you got to applaud that young man. He's a tremendous player, first and foremost, and then to have that type of strength to come out in front of his teammates and the support they showed them and the way it's been handled is phenomenal.

Yeah, I just think our young people are very open-minded. It's not so foreign to them as it may have been in the past. So I applaud everybody involved in that situation at Kansas State.

Coaches like Kingsbury, himself a great college quarterback, get it and his response was spot on. Remember also that this is happening in red states. Attitudes are different and if there are any closeted gay players at Texas Tech, they now know their coach has their back.